Registration Instructions | 注册说明

Dear participants and guests of the ICCRD 2023,

Here you can find information regarding how to finish the registration to participate this conference, include:

When to register? | 什么时候注册
Registration Fees | 注册费明细
How to get an invoice before paying? | 怎样在付款前得到付款通知
The official Receipt of your payment | 付款后的官方收据

* The organizing committee will not ask delegates to provide credit card information for any purpose. The registration will be completed only via conference system. 会议注册通过会议系统完成,会务组不会以任何形式索要信用卡信息订房买机票。

When to register? | 什么时候注册

Listeners, Register now! Please complete the registration via online system before Dec. 10th.

Abstract Only, submitted abstract won't be published, the author will be invited to give an oral presentation, register after you receive the acceptance letter. Details listed in the acceptance letter.

Full Paper, submitted and accepted full paper will be published into the conference proceeding, the author can choose oral /poster presentation, register after you receive the acceptance letter. Details listed in the acceptance letter.


Registration Fees |注册费用

Full Paper Participation Fee (USD/RMB)

  Early Bird by Nov. 20th, 2022 Normal Fee
Presentation & Publication
Students (Presentation and Publication) $420 / ¥3000 $450 / ¥3200
IEEE Member (Presentation and Publication) $450 / ¥3200 $480 / ¥3400
Non-Students (Presentation and Publication) $520 / ¥3700 $550 / ¥ 3910
Students (Presentation Only) $350 / ¥2490 $380 / ¥2700
IEEE Member (Presentation Only) $380 / ¥2700 $410 / ¥2900
Non-Students (Presentation Only) $420 / ¥3000 $450 / ¥3200
Students /IEEE Member (Listeners) $170 / ¥1200 $170 / ¥1200
Non-Students (Listeners) $210 / ¥1500 $210 / ¥1500
Additional Fee
Additional Page/ Per One $70 / ¥490 $70 / ¥490
Additional Paper / Per One $400 / ¥2845 $420 / ¥3000
One Day Visit $70 / ¥490 $70 / ¥490

Onsite registration will be charged 50USD / 350RMB additionally based on regular fee.

Refund/Cancellation Policy
If a registrant is unable to attend an event for any reason, they may substitute, by arrangement with the registrar, someone else of co-authors or from the same institute/organization. Written requests for cancellations must be sent to the Conference Secretary via e-mail
In case of cancellation, partial cancellation or modification the following fees apply:

Cancellation up to 90 days prior to event date: 30USD processing fee is required
89-60 days prior to event date: 30% processing fee is required
59-30 days prior to event date: 50% processing fee is required
29-0 days prior to event date: No refund

No Show | 缺席
In the event of no-show, the author will, in all cases, be required to pay 100% of the value (including VAT).

Personal Reason | 个人原因
The organizer cannot refund or pay any compensation where could not attend the conference is prevented by reason of circumstances which amount to “personal reason”. Such as travel difficulties, visa problems, health issues, financial default etc.

Force Majeure | 不可抗力
The organizer cannot accept responsibility, refund or pay any compensation where the performance of the conference is prevented or affected by reason of circumstances which amount to “force majeure”. Circumstances amounting to “force majeure” include any event which we could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such circumstances include the fire, flood, explosion, storm or other weather damage, break-in, criminal damage, riots or civil strife, industrial action, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, war or threat of war, actual or threatened terrorist activity, epidemic and all similar situations beyond our control.

Date and Place Statement | 变更申明
The organizer has the right to change the date and place of the conference under the reason of amount to “force majeure” circumstances. The participants of the conference are obliged to cooperate with the organizer's change and refund policy.

Notice | 安全小提示
Take care of your belongings during the conference. The organizer is NOT responsible for the loss.
Always wear your conference badge all the time. There’ll be no access without a badge.


How to get an invoice before paying? | 怎样在付款前得到付款通知

If you haven't paid the fee yet but you need the invoice to proceed the payment, please tell us the type of participation. If you are a student, please attach the student card or other document confirming that you are a student.
如果您 在付款之前需要向财务部门提交付款通知,请将以下的信息通过邮件告知,如果您是学生请附上学生证明,我们会通过邮件将付款通知发送给您。请注意invoice付款通知并不是付款成功后的发票/收据。

We will need the following information:

1. Paper ID:.
2. Paper Ttile:
3. Conference: 2022 The 14th International Conference on Computer Research and Development (ICCRD)
4. Bill to: (please indicate name of University / Institution / person)
5. VAT number:
6. Name of Participate:
7. E-mail:
8. Type: Oral Presentation&Full Paper / Poster&Full Paper / Oral presenration&Abstract / Listener


The official Receipt of your payment | 官方收据/发票

After the successful registration, we will issue the official receipt of your payment, you will receive the receipt together with all conference materials at the conference site.

If you need the receipt before the conference date, please contact us in advance.


Any questions, please feel free to contact with Mandy Hu via: